Education plays a pivotal role in moulding thousands of lives by providing abundant information about the globe as well as make people more conscious about wordly affairs inclusive of the past and the present.

Educational institutions are the biggest contributors in the field of education majorly schools. However nowadays there are various others like coaching classes, tuitions, e-learning etc…


Tuitions, as relevant as they sound in today’s day and age, play a paramount and crucial role in a student’s day-to-day life. Everyone is in the rut to perform better by outdoing each other.

Every country nowadays incorporates such a system of learning. To think only India is subject to this is a mere deception. Even developed countries like the USA have such facilities which was revealed recently by newspapers. The articles exposed the truth about homework therapists who

administer academic help and emotional support as needed by the child. They even respond to texts and emails and often send their own, nudging students to finish a homework assignment or stay calm and composed  before and during a big exam. The need for such therapists is purely because of the stress the children undergo. The parents send their young ones to extra coaching classes, not realizing the burden their expectations put on their children. This implies adverse effects on a few students who are incapable of handling the stress. They need to consult psychologists and some even consume anti-depressants. While others get into drugs and destroy their lives.

Tuitions are like two sides of the same coin. On one hand the additional help nurtures their brain to gain more knowledge and grasp difficult concepts efficiently. However, on the other side, the students have packed schedules and so they are even spoon-fed with notes and excess material so much that they tend to forego their own style of learning. They are more dependent on others rather than being independent. They become banal and lose their own essence and style of creativity as they are served everything on a golden platter.

Our education system is supposed to be a great leveler but instead we are increasingly relying on family resources for success instead of talent or hard work. In my opinion, also the tuitions create distinction between the tier of classes in societies furthermore. The zeal to fight the battle does not diminish as the aristocrats enroll their kids to extra tuitions while the unfortunate ones can’t afford such a facility. These fortunate kids get better training and they do well. This way the rich become richer and the poor poorer.

My ideology says that if a focused and regular diligent child can perform better that any of his peers irrespective whether he or she goes for extra help or not. This will not only teach them to become self-motivated and have a passion for studying but also match up to their parents’ expectations all by their own. And the most important thing will be the joy they will obtain from studying if they accomplish their goal single-handedly.

Last I would like to rest my case on the note, “Self-study is what will reap one not only results and grades but also the happiness and creativity that will contribute to one’s personality as a whole.”


Theories about the 9/11 attack

The twin towers, extremely tall, had to fall. The prediction made by prodigy, Albert Einstein which came true in form of the 9/11 attack. Destruction and despair all were caused with lives lost in the havoc.

The plane crashed into one of the top floors. But both the towers fell like a pack of cards. Speculations remain as to if this was planned or not.

Physics says when a plane crashes one of the top floors of the building, the architecture of the building is to fall outwards or just simply fall, not be razed to the ground. This indicates possibility of planned bombs on every floor which resulted in the twin towers, one of the strongest metal guarded and floored manly structure, to fall straight to the ground. The videos prove this atleast!

Theories say this was an Israeli-USA plan to get into gulf countries to get the rich oil reserves out and give their economy a push.

Here comes the doubt, that very day two floors were empty and guess what…! It was a Israeli company which had given a holiday to its employees.

On the other hand, Afghanistan was blamed rather framed, not proved guilty though, to be responsible for the loss of life and property. Now it’s for us to brainstorm our dubious minds what actually the truth is! 

Let’s talk politics and more…!

Everyone is well aware of how global warming affects us. What are other repercussions we humans bear when we exploit resources and it affects the climate.

The United Nations has a United Nations Development Program sub-committee in which it helps countries to come together and help the world recover from this environmental crisis.

A pact called the Paris Climate accord was also signed between member countries who strive to help make a change.

Recently, on twitter United States’ President Mr. Donald Trump made his views public about how he believes that climate change is a ‘Hoax,’ saying that humans aren’t a party to it. It is rather a natural phenomenon.

USA, earlier being the largest contributor to the Paris Climate Accord is applying for a withdrawal which will incur huge losses upon the World Bank  and the programs planned out related to climate.

Speculations remain that if a new President is elected next will they adhere to Mr. Trump’s belief or will they support the accord.

Not only this, other countries like China and Russia, will have to pay more funds but they then will have the decision making power if USA ultimately does withdraw. On the other hand, the globe will suffer as one of the leading countries is not supporting the accord.

Now the choice lies between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Summer Holidays!

The tents all ready under the sun,

Camping and hiking all is fun,

Running freely in the wild,

With scents refreshing every child!

Observing the fresh summer flowers,

Wanting to take bath in cold showers,

Playing by the river in splashing waves,

Enjoying the nature exploring caves!

The hide and seek amidst the grass,

Being a chameleon behind tree barks,

Looking for sticks amidst the jungle,

With eerie sounds, words fumble!

The beautiful fireflies light up the place,

Friends playing guitars with complete ace,

At night gazing the stars galore,

With fire, music and the dance floor!

The stew being cooked in a giant pot,

And then served in a bowl hot,

The hungry stomachs filled,

And then blows the wind chilled!

The sleeping bags taken out,

Silence spreads throughout,

All their adventurous dreams remain a mystery,

All friends make another camping history!



A prompt on Facebook inspired me to try the same!

At a distance in the middle of the jungle, I spotted a stand-alone haunted house, gathered all my courage and pushed the door open!

A colony of bats flew past me but I still managed to be brave enough and proceed into the house.

The woodoo dolls hung from the ceiling, blood covered fingers and bones were kept as display items and the torn curtains made sad eerie sounds.

As I decided to enter the room, I began taking slow measured steps and guess the petrifying sight I saw in there, PILES OF HUMAN BODIES LAY ROTTING in there.

I felt scared and tried to run away but the door shut with a ‘thud! ‘

The Mueller Report

(A generalized personal view)


The bureaucratic National Security Agencies of USA stated that the Russian government conducted a secret campaign to influence the US Presidential elections. Russian President, Mr. Putin denied any indulgence.

The Democrats and Republicans were appalled by the news. The trolls on highly trafficked social media handles with negative publicity began.

Speculations remain as to whether Mr. Trump blew the trumpet of friendship to be victorious or it was past grieviances. The pride of both massive countries made them get into a cold war phase. Though the truth of the MUELLER REPORT is out, a final decision can’t be carved out


A person who genuinely cares for you,

Someone who will accept you irrespective of what you are,

A someone who will scold you when you are wrong,

But will never stop loving you inspite of the odds.

Whose hand you can hold all your life,

To whom you will always remain a kid,

Childhood memories of her and you always has a special place in your heart,

Something you will never forget even when you grow up.

She taught you how to walk, talk and be responsible,

But still considers you to be an irresponsible brat,

She is someone who didn’t sleep all night just because you were unwell,

After scolding you she was the only one who cried alone in guilt.

One person who loves you irrevocably and to whom you mean the world to,

Someone who gave birth to you after taking so much pain,

She who seeing you for the first time felt happiness like never before,

Someone whose eyes brightened up seeing you go to school for the very first time.

Someone who was happier on seeing your board results than you yourself,

As if it was a battle she won,

One person who shed tears while you went off to college,

 But still waved a good-bye with a smiling face.

The one person who was extremely joyous when you received a job offer,

The news of your first salary is what made her feel successful,

Someone who had an ear to ear smile when you got your first promotion,

A person who was really contented when you bought your own house and car.

A hand that put your hands into someone else’s when you were getting married,

The first person who you called when you conceived,

Someone who kept awake all night taking care of you,

The care she had for you, you realized on becoming a mother!

So, let’s take this occasion and congratulate all mothers!

Happy mothers Day, everyone!